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Dcare Technologies Pte Ltd. is a market driven company that is changing the way businesses mark, sense, track and authenticate their products from production line to point of purchase. Our cross-platform technologies, based on advanced materials and proprietary hardware and software systems, offer an integrated approach that provides our customers with complete solutions. Whether hiding a barcode, reliably marking products exposed to harsh environments, accurately sensing colors or authenticating currency, Dcare innovative products provide customers with improved processing efficiencies and increased accuracies and speeds.

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Dcare offers the latest IT infrastructure products and services across a spectrum of industries. Our equipment is sourced from leading and cutting edge companies such as 3cx,Beronet, Askozia, Asterisk,Grandstream, Yealink and more.
We offer the widest range of products and services at competitive prices, 24/7 customer support through phone, email and online chat, highly-focused customer-centric solutions Experienced and highly trained manpower.
Dcare is changing the way businesses communicate with their customers and partners, and improving the way they track, measure, and authenticate their business processes.
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