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2 Port BRI/FXS Module

Product Description

2 Port BRI/FXS Module


The BF2S02FXS Hybrid Module is a 2 Port BRI and 2 Port FXS Module for the berofix Gateways
Each BRI port of the BF2S02FXS can be configured as NT (Network Termination) or TE (Terminal Equipment). In both modes, each BRI port can operate in Point-to-Multi-Point (PMP) or in Point-to Point (PTP) mode. The switching of the TE / NT mode and the switch off the termination resistors can easily be set in the software (Jumper Free) which makes the troublesome reposition jumpers unnecessary. Additionaly to the above mentioned 2 BRI Ports the BF2S02FXS provides 2 Ports FXS (Foreign Exchange Station) for the berofix. FXS interfaces are used to connect devices like analog phones or faxmachines to your berofix.

Note: The BF2S02FXS Module can only be used with berofix baseboard with the following Hardware Revision:
– berofix PCI card min. Hardware Revision 1.9
– berofix PCIe card min. Hardware Revision 1.2
– berofix Box min. Hardware Revision 2.2


  • 2 BRI (S0) ISDN Ports
  • 2 analog FXS Ports
  • Each BRI Port configurable as NT or TE with PIN interchanging
  • Termination Resistors (100 ohm) per line
  • TE/NT mode and Termination is selectable via software (Jumperfree)
  • Layer 2 is Q.921 and Layer 3 is Q.931 (EuroISDN DSS1) compatible
  • DSS1 Feature set: CLIP/No-Screening, CLIR, COLP, UUS, MCID, CD, CNIP
  • Q.SIG feature set: CNIP
  • FXS supports 0V to -94.5V, 3-5 REN (depending on line length)
  • FXS has current feed 20-41mA
  • FXS Ringing Frequency, Amplitude, Waveshape and Cadences programmable (by Country Setting)
  • Dimension: 105 x 46 x 9 mm, Weight: < 40g
  • Operating Temperature: 0-70°C
  • CE and TBR-3 compliance (ISDN BRI)


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